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Pet Shipping Costs

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The costs for moving pets can vary.

When taking a cat or dog to Australia, or further afield, most people first ask about the pet shipping costs.

Well, it’s complicated. Unlike relocating humans, where we each buy a ticket and squish into the same-sized seats (unless we’re a wee bit lucky), the costs for moving pets overseas vary greatly!

Pet shipping costs depend upon the destination, the breed and the size of the cat or dog you are transporting, and the airline.

Airlines use volumetric weight calculation to decide upon the price of flying your pet overseas. The ticket is based on the combined weight of your pet and their crate and the amount of space your pet’s travel cage will take up.

As with human travel, the airline who is going to fly your pet overseas and where you are moving your pet to will also affect how much it costs.

Some countries also require landing, customs and clearance fees.


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