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Air Transport Services

Pets By Air arranges global air transport for cats and dogs from New Zealand.

We’re an experienced animal travel agency and pet moving company. We can fly your beloved dogs or cats any where in the world.

Moving home or relocating your family can be a complicated process, more so if you are taking your pets with you. Don’t make it even more difficult.

Pets travelling overseas with incomplete documentation can end up with unnecessarily long periods in quarantine or additional, avoidable costs for pet owners. These mistakes might happen because owners do not understand the rules, vets may decide not to perform tests they thought unnecessary or airline personnel or embassy staff may not be up to date with pet travel regulations or the documentation required.

Don’t risk your pet’s comfort and safety. When clearing customs or boarding planes you need your pet’s travel documents to be complete, accurate and current. Go with an international pet moving specialist who is familiar with what needs to happen, like us.

Pets By Air pet movers cover everything:


Booking The Flight


Domestic Transfer Or Home Pick-Up


Transport To The Airport


Animal Welfare Certificate


Exporter Declaration


MPI Veterinary Inspection


Transport Crate

Moving With Pets
International Pet Relocation Services

We fly pets all the time.

We can arrange and carry out pet transport of your dog or cat anywhere, whether it be the Pacific, Australia, USA, Canada, South America, South Africa, UK, Asia or Europe. We can also organise paperwork, flights, custom clearance, all veterinary requirements and any necessary pre-flight pet boarding.

Pet Travel Crates

We are NZFSA registered and for your pet’s journey we only use crates approved by the IATA. Comfortable cages are made to International IATA regulations, your pet’s specifications and are yours to keep. All animals undertaking international pet shipping with a voyage time of 6 hours or more must have an Animal Welfare Certificate which also ensures your pet travel crate is the correct size and has the correct features for safety and welfare. You pet must have space to stand, lie down or turn around during their journey.

Flights and facts about pet transport safety

How do pets travel in a plane? Firstly, many airlines don’t give you a choice, but our recommendation is cargo travel for pets. Why?

  1. The airlines we prefer are dedicated to making sure pets have a safe experience and that they aren’t just treated as luggage.
  2. Your pet can either travel on the same flight as you or unaccompanied, which can make planning your own travel easier.
  3. The cargo area is pressure and temperature controlled, just like the cabin. It is also softly lit and away from the noise and stress of the other human passengers.
  4. On the airlines we recommend, the cargo handlers are specifically trained to work with animals and they follow a last on, first off policy. Pets are given priority, they are transported in temperature-controlled vehicles and are never left to sit on the tarmac, unlike your luggage.
  5. Check-in occurs at the airline’s cargo facility and pets are tracked during each stage of their journey.

As a long-standing international pet transport company with a fantastic reputation, we have flown thousands of pets safely over the last 30 years. Cargo transport provides the safest and least stressful experience for pets, which is our number one priority, and yours, too.

Pet Travel Companies
Pet Transport Service

Paperwork for pet travel

International pet transport requires an extensive range of documentation, vet work, health checks and MPI Certifications, which we can organise. There can be a lot of boxes that need ticking and ‘ts’ that need crossing when moving pets overseas.

Different countries have different laws around the minimum age a pet can travel, the vaccines required before arrival, how long vaccines need to given before departure, quarantine regulations, types of breeds allowed to travel and all the corresponding paperwork.

Let us make sure all the right boxes are ticked. We know international pet transport and we are familiar with the rules.

Keep it together

We’ll assemble an Itinerary for your dog or cat: a collection of all identifying and required documents for entry to their destination country. To make sure you get accurate, up-to-date facts and your pet is not held up at the border, we’ll cut through all the confusion and misinformation.

Pet boarding

We have our own boarding facility at Brookby Pet Lodge and offer our international flying customers up to 3 days free board, if needed, before their flight. Brookby Pet Lodge is nestled on 10 acres in the lush, rural countryside of Brookby, South Auckland. Surrounded by beautiful farmland, our pet hotel is a picturesque retreat for your cat or dog before their flight. Visit the Brookby Pet Lodge website to enquire, call us or mark “pet boarding required” on the quote form, if you require pet boarding.


Veterinary requirements

Depending upon where your pet is flying to, veterinary checks are required within 2-5 days before your pet’s international travel. We are happy to complete the final vet check, export certificate and parasite treatment for you.

Pet Travel Companies
Air Travel With Dogs

Pet transport

Our experienced pet chauffeurs provide a comprehensive dog or cat collection and delivery service to and from the airport and to the MPI veterinarian checks, boarding kennels, cattery and Auckland airport.

Live outside Auckland? We can organise transport for your cat or dog to Auckland International airport and they can stay at our kennels and cattery before their flight.

Pets by Air has the experience and expertise to take care of all your overseas pet travel needs and get your pet to you and their new home safely.

For international pet transport email or phone us. We will answer straight away. The key to stress-free pet travel is organisation. The sooner you contact us, the more organised we can both be with vaccine schedules, crate training and all the immigration paperwork needed for your pet to have a safe and happy journey to their new home.

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