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Worldwide Pet Transport

Pets by Air specialises in worldwide pet transport from Auckland. Your pet will travel safely and comfortably from New Zealand to your destination because we have been flying pets for a very long time. We are an international pet transport company with a fantastic reputation and have flown thousands of pets safely over the last 30 years.

Your pets are part of your family and family is precious. We are a family business and we understand the responsibility involved with looking after people’s loved ones. You have entrusted us with the care and well-being of your fur babies, so we will do everything we can to make sure we get them to you safe and sound.

Pet Transport NZ

Dog & Cat Boarding

Special attention for your special family members when you can’t be there


Top Quality Care

A state of the art facility with individually ventilated rooms


Flying With Pets

We’re all care and all responsibility.

Bringing families together is a great job. We’re animal lovers too and we take pride in the pet transport work we do. What makes our job really special is being able to give happiness to people throughout New Zealand, Australia and around the world and we love it.

If you’re moving overseas it can take a lot of preparation and planning ahead. Making sure your cat or dog gets there safely can be an added stress. Or you can let the international pet travel experts like us take care of everything for you. After all, we’ve done it before and we know what needs to happen.

Get total peace of mind knowing we will take care of all your pet’s travel requirements. Your cat or dog will receive personalised service when flying to Australia, or around the world, and loads of cuddles before they get there.

Our complete pet travel package includes….


Booking The Flight


Domestic Transfer Or Home Pick-Up


Transport To The Airport


Animal Welfare Certificate


Exporter Declaration


MPI Veterinary Inspection


Transport Crate

You choose.

For a full explanation of our international pet travel services read on.

Pet shipping costs depend upon the destination, the breed and the size of the cat or dog you are transporting, and the airline, so let us do the maths for you. Contact us for a no-obligation quote for international pet travel.

Email or phone us. We know you will have loads of questions, so we always try to answer everything straight away.

Don’t just take our word for it…

“Fantastic service! A huge thanks for making it a smooth transition. Our cat Mischa has settled in already and is happy in her new home”

Romina Soledad Gomez

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